Becoming a Winning Leader

Life is a lot like a game of football. It can be a lot of fun for the players and the fans, and the best games to watch are the ones with a challenging match up.

To win the game, you must learn how to tackle challenges head on and develop your strategy for success.

Everyone is facing their own unique challenges. Nobody enjoys their obstacles, but they are an inevitable part of life and business. A difficult situation at home, failing an assignment, being unprepared for a job or struggling financially can all bring about undesirable pain and struggle. Who wants that, right?

As a leader, there are three main areas that you must tackle to become a better team player in your work and personal life.

1.) Attack Your Challenges Head On

A challenge is not something to run from. Everyone faces them, so a good leader should face their obstacles head on to be an effective team member. A leader needs to know how to work through their obstacles and come out of them positively to help a team deal with future challenges. A seasoned team captain can view their obstacles as a positive instead of a negative. Instead of thinking about the challenges you must overcome, treat it as a learning experience and everyone will get to the end goal faster and with a positive outlook. Everyone handles tough situations differently. How you choose to deal with them determines how effective you truly can be.

2.) Reflect on the Past

Everyone is tasked with creating their own destiny. Even the best teams have suffered devastating loses. The choices you make today will determine what type of leader you will become tomorrow. Analyzing the past can help change your future, so go back and reflect on the hard times to see what knowledge you can pull from your past challenges. The best leaders can identify what went right and what went wrong during the game and use that knowledge to create a winning strategy. Self-reflection could help you avoid looming setbacks and repeat loses. At the end of the day you must take responsibility for the actions that got you to where you are today. Recognize that you are the only one who can decide your teams fate going forward.

3.) Get Creative

Creativity and actionability is one of the biggest differentiators between wins and losses. Being able to change your viewpoint is important when dealing with the past, present and future. Your reflections have shown you what you probably should and shouldn’t do, and what has worked and what hasn’t. Continuing to do the same thing repeatedly will only lead you and your team right back to the same spot. As a leader, if your team is in a bad spot you must do something creative to change it. Your future as a leader depends on it. Sometimes the best thing to do is look at your situation from a different perspective. Remember, being a leader shouldn’t be isolating. Identify what your challenges are who your MVPs are that can help you turn the game around.


The takeaway here is to not get overcome by a challenging situation. No one challenge will last forever. Eventually it will pass and leave you a stronger person on the other side. You have many options when it comes to combating your difficulties. Choose wisely. The path you take determines the direction for you and your team’s future. Are you going to sit on the sidelines and dwell in the discomfort, or are you going to do something about it?