The Leadership Playbook

You may be asking yourself, “how can I be the best leader for my team?” You may also be wondering what it is you can do to give you and your team the best shot at success. Well, what if I told you there is something you can do right now to answer both questions? If you follow this playbook step-by-step you will have the basic formations you need to achieve the ability to accomplish both.

Formation One: The I-Formation

The first step in the playbook to becoming a better leader is to think of yourself as a coach and not just as a manager. Positioning yourself as a coach and not just as ‘the boss’ is the key to successful leadership. This is important because it shows your team that what you are doing is for everyone’s benefit and that you are not just demanding hard work without recognition. Coaches don’t (always) make you run laps for no reason. There are specific intentions for their actions and you must be just as intentional with your team. One way you can implement this now is to take a longer approach to problem solving. Everything can’t be fixed right away; some things need to take time. Being patient and seeing a problem all the way through can bring in massive benefits down the road. It’s not always about what others can do to help you succeed, rather, a good coach looks at what he or she can do to help everyone succeed.

Formation Two: The Spread Option

A coach knows everything about his or her team both on and off the field. Be sure to take interest in your team aside from the work that they do. People are more than who they appear to be at work and are often have entirely different home lives. It is crucial to invest time in your team to instill a healthy work life balance on and off the jobsite. If not, their work may suffer and so will your bottom line. One easy way to do this is to recognize all their efforts on and off the jobsite. The frontline does not reap the full benefits of their hard work because the profits are often only shared higher up within the company. If you take the time to make your team feel appreciated, it will carry over to their home lives. Small steps like this really make a difference overall. Building great people is just as important, if not more important than building a great business.

Formation Three: The Wildcat

Collaboration between all team members needs to be praised. Everyone must be able to work together for a common good so that all tasks are being done as efficiently as possible. Providing the frontline with the tools they need to be proactive on their own is crucial to creating success. The team will then begin to work together to make sure everyone is staying on track and the project is being completed on time. Being able to hand off more responsibility to the team means less day-to-day supervision on your part. This will allow you to focus on what you need to get done and spend any remaining time in other areas. Becoming successful individually is not a solo mission. A team effort only helps create success faster.

This playbook provides the first steps to becoming a successful leader and hardworking coach. Following through with these steps will provide you the best shot at creating success for you and your team. A good leader must be able to coach their team and give them the knowledge needed to perfect their craft and win. If you can do that then there is nothing that can stand in your way.